"Finally a Brand New Energy Efficient House That's Affordable."

"I Built This Custom House To Live In Now I'm Forced To Sell
My Loss Is Your Gain"

This is a new home I built at the beginning of 2008.
My wife and I have lived in the home since February of 08 and are selling it because
we are expecting another baby and want to move further into the country.

This home was built by me, my father and brother,
so believe me when I say that the attention to detail is huge since we are perfectionists
and the quality is that of what you would expect from any sculptor, creator, or artist.

We hope you love this home just as much as we do and are
excited about the possibilities it has to offer you and your family!

This very nice 2304 square foot home is just down the road from
Brooks High School,
the school system is very good, although
we don't have kids old enough to go there yet, that is what I've heard.

The home is in Killen,
a nice quiet town in the northwest corner
of Alabama.


There are 4 bedrooms, 3baths, a kitchen and dining room, and a living room.



The Front of The Home

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There is a nice spacious front yard that can be appreciated from the front porch.
When I built this porch I built it with the sunrise and sunset in mind.
The house is at the perfect angle so that the porch is always nicely shaded, perfect for sitting out to read the morning paper or have that first cup of coffee to start your day.

The openness allows for the fresh breeze to blow through and cool you during the hot Alabama summers.


Super Energy Saving Construction


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This house was built with saving money at the very forefront of construction.
From the super energy efficient central unit and radiant heat barrier layers on the walls to the high R value paint and argon filled low-e windows, making this house one of the few you will ever find with such superior insulation.

I wanted a house that gave me the lowest power bill on the block, and I ended up with one of the lowest in the whole county!



The Excellent Location

This location is perfect for the home owner that wants the comfort of the country but also the luxury of the city.

Killen is just country enough to give you peace and quiet to sit out on the porch in the evening without the annoying buzz of the city, but is close enough to the city that if you get the urge to spend the night out on the town it is only minutes away.

It is also right smack dab in the middle of 3 of the best school districts in the region, giving you options others are not afforded due to their locations.



Enormous Kitchen Living Room

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If you love to entertain, you will feel right at home with the spacious kitchen that can more than accommodate anything you can dream up to prepare a feast fit for kings.

It has two sinks and plenty of cabinet space, making the counter tops seem endless.
And it won't be hard to keep track of your guests since the living room is right there adjoined to the kitchen.



You can cook and talk with your guests without having to leave the room, allowing your guests to relax and smell the detectible treats awaiting them.



The Laundry room

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This laundry room is one of a kind. It will obliterate any trace of sound your washer and dryer can create.
Due to the foam insulated enclosure you can run your washer and dryer and not have to worry about it disturbing the rest of the household daily activities.


The Hallway And Lake

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This hallway will be the crown of this home. With set up for a water feature or special holiday lighting, this special adornment will add a beautiful touch to this home.
The long hallway is a great visual to the end view of the pond on the back of the property.



The Bedrooms

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The green room is already fitted with beautiful ebony hardwood bookshelves, making it a great start to the perfect office space or if you don't need an office it can be your own private library and reading area.
Just a side note for the women, this green room is the same size as the walk in closet in the master bedroom, so yes, it's big, and perfect for whatever you need it to be. Each of the bedrooms are spacious and large enough to accommodate a few siblings or be privately occupied by just one with plenty of room to grow.

Each room has it's own loft space that can be used for storage or can be railed and have ladders added for extra play space, just use your imagination, the sky is the limit.

They each also have their own walk in closet. They even have direct access to the bathrooms.


The Bathrooms
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This video is a little out of date


The first guest bathroom is a full bath that has hallway access and bedroom access, making it perfect for private family use and easy guest use.

The second guest bathroom is a quaint half bath secluded in the guest bedroom completing the weekend getaway feel that any of your visitors will appreciate having all the comforts of home right there in the room with them.



Master Bedroom Huge Walk-in Closet and Private Bath

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This is your dream master suite that takes up almost half the house and is the size of 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.
It has it all, a walk in closet the size of the bonus room, a loft the entire length of the suite, and a custom designed private bath.
With all this you know you can live like a king and queen in this luxurious space.

The bathroom is set up to accommodate a custom tiled shower, his and her dual vanity, private toilet, and jetted jacuzzi tub.



The HUGE Back Deck
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Perfect for grilling out or even a screened in lounge area is the huge back porch. It extends 16 feet and runs 36 feet the length of the end of the house.

It is plenty big enough to accommodate any idea you may have. It will have a beautiful and relaxing view of the pond, making it the perfect evening lounging spot to have some tea and unwind from your day and watch the sunset.



What's Wrong With The House?

The house is 98% complete and ready for you to finalize this home how YOU want it and would make a great handyman project for the weekends because there is only small projects left to do.

Needs a total of 12k to for materials and labor to completely finish this house including finishing the master suite and 16x36 deck. The home is livable with all the plumbing and electrical in place, after all we have lived here almost 4 years.

The biggest problem is I still own it and am ready to make you a great deal right now.
Call me 256 702 0340 for more info or scroll to the bottom and bid now and start saving money by owning this home.




"This House Has It All, From The Double Kitchen Sinks
To The
Super Energy Saving Insulation.
I Know When You Live Here You Will Love It."

I'm very passionate about saving money, so my desire to build homes that
save money was the biggest influence in designing and building this energy efficient home


"This House Is Green Through and Through"
ere are Some of the Features

  • Keyless entry allows you easy entry and you never have to keep up with the keys ever again.


  • Energy Star approved windows, some of the best available.
  • All windows are argon filled. 
    (Argon is an inert gas which slows the heat/cold transfer between the outside elements and inside environment.)
  • All windows are coated with Low-E.
    (Low-E is an invisible aluminum/silver film inside the window that blocks UV rays and prevents heat build-up inside the house.)
  • These windows are a money saving necessity for this southern climate.

Watch This Video About: How this house is insulated



  • The walls are insulated with 4 layers of radiant barrier resulting in R-70 value, over five times that of standard construction which is only R-13. (The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in heat transfer.  The higher the R-value the better it insulates from heat and cold.)

  • The ceiling and roof are insulated with 4 layers of radiant barrier resulting in a total value of R-135, over four times that of standard construction which is only R-30. (The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in heat transfer.  The higher the R-value the better it insulates from heat and cold.)

"I was on a quest for the lowest power bill, comfortable living arrangements, and a Great Kitchen And Bath For The Women."

That's why you will never find another house like this!

  • This living room was designed with one thing in mind, optimal entertainment value. The vaulted ceilings were built at the exact pitch needed to accommodate a digital projection system that can be used to bring the movie theater home to you making it very easy to view without straining your neck.
  • It is also wired for digital surround sound making the entertainment experience all the more wonderful.

Some of the Extra Features


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There are extra plugs in every room of the house.


  • This kitchen comes equipped with two sinks making any cook a happy one so that you can use one for prep and one for clean up. The one next to the stove is a deep pot sink and the other is a dual drain sink. Now that I have had the luxury of two sinks, I would never have it any other way.

  • The house uses a heat pump system with a 15 SEER (seasonal energy efficient rating), one of the highest energy ratings available.
  • Most homes this size require a 2.5 ton unit, but due to the super insulation of this home it only needs a 1.5 ton unit, which provides improved temperature and humidity control throughout the home.
  • If you use a 7 day programmable thermostat that can save you up to 25% on your heating and cooling costs if used according to the pre-programmed Energy Star settings.


  • The house runs with a Stiebel Eltron tank-less unit which provides the entire house with unlimited hot water.  It can be programmed to fit your personal heat preference.
  • Unlike tank heaters, tank-less heaters save you up to 40% on your hot water costs.

Additional Pictures
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"This House Was Built With One Goal In Mind
Extremely Low Power Bills"

Mission Accomplished:

Check Out These Low Power Bills





"These Power Bills Are About $150 Less Than Average
Making It Easy To Own This House
Owning This House Saves You Money Every Month"





This IS The Deal Of Your Lifetime

I bought the land and built this house to live here forever and built in a lot of extras that you rarely ever see to save on the power bills. I was amazed at how low the power bills are.

We are moving further out in the country so I have to sell this house NOW!

I need the money from this house to move to the country.

If we weren't moving there is no way I would sell this house,
it's just way to good of a house to let go.
If you have ever wanted the deal of a lifetime here it is

"It's Never Been Easier For You To Own a
Like New Home That Saves You Money" 

This House Costs Over $192,000 New.

Great Comparable Houses That Sold In The Area

Price Per SF
451 Ridgecrest LN
Killen AL
4 Miles
2235 CO RD 50
Rogersville AL
3 Miles
46 CO RD 388
Killen AL
5 Miles


All these Houses SOLD OVER $190,000.



This house is worth every penny of at least $179,900
because of the energy saving features, the super low power bills,
and the awesome master suite.

There is no other Energy Saving Home
like this at this price so
Don't let this deal get away.
You will never see another deal like this again.

I spent over $25,000 cash of my money on all the energy saving features
that were
not included in the appraisal of $180,000.

The House just needs $12k to be completed.


This house is worth every penny
of at least $179,900
Thats what I was asking.






The new asking price is $148,700






I don't want this house anymore
I'm tired of making payments.

Contact Me 


256 702 0340 
if you don't get me PLEASE leave a message and
I will call you back.



Don't let this one of a kind house get away.
You will never see another house that is this energy efficient at this price ever again.



Bottom Line: My house payments are becoming too much of a burden, make an offer and this house is yours.

Call NOW to set an apointment 256 702 0340




256 702 0340 if you don't get me PLEASE leave a message and I will call you back.


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